a Roadmovie on foot by Felix Tissi

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«Welcome to Iceland» wins Berner Filmpreis 2016

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«Preissegen mit der Giesskanne  Der Bund

Gleich fünf Produktionen werden mit einem Berner Filmpreis ausgezeichnet – darunter Felix Tissis schön verschrobener Spielfilm «Welcome to Iceland».


«Welcome to Iceland» bester Berner Spielfilm 2016   BZ

Im Rahmen des Berner Filmpreisfestivals hat die Jury am Sonntag die Preisträger 2016 bekannt gegeben. Bester Spielfilm ist «Welcome to Island».




Julia Brendler

«We have lost the nonsense. The sacred nonsense.»

Felix Tissi

Writer – Director

Felix Tissi

« I like movies where there are different truths -as in life. I take the concept movie literally and seriously work with a lack of seriousness. A relationship rescue attempt, a car breaking down and a gun in the middle of nowhere give me permission to make mischief as an author.»

« As a spectator I like the ‘cinema d’auteur’, where I’m not taken by the hand, but can explore the events myself. I then see the film as my fellow spectator, laughing with me.»

“Even on previous films I’ve hung around in the deserts. This exemplary space fascinates me. As the canvas or a piece of white paper, the desert is a blank screen. Before “Welcome to Iceland” I’ve never been to Iceland.
But I have seen pictures of this almost alien landscape. I imagined that a small plane simple exposes a man with a suit and tie in this no man’s land. I was wondering, what’s going on and started to write.”





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